100 Organic MARY WASHINGTON Asparagus Seeds

100 Organic MARY WASHINGTON Asparagus Seeds

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Up to 140 days. Perennial. Mary Washington Asparagus seeds can be grown into a hardy vegetable and is fairly easy to grow as a garden vegetable in a variety of climates, from zone three all the way up to nine. The Mary Washington is the traditional variety which consists of both male and female stalks, and is resistant to rust fungi, which can harm other varieties of asparagus. Patience is required when growing asparagus, as they need two to three years before producing quality spears.

Latin Name: Asparagus officinalis
Other Names:
Days to Maturity: 140 days
Hardiness Zone: 3-9
Planting Depth: 6-12"
Plant Spacing:
Row Spacing: 18"
Growth Habit: Upright
Soil Preference: Dry, sandy, PH 6.5 and above, good to have one inch layer of compost at bottom of trench
Temp Preference: Warmer
Light Preference: Full sun is optimum, but it can grow with partial shade
Resistances: Drought
Color: Green with purple tips
Flavor: Has been described as a bright flavor with an earthy undertone

All multiple orders of the same seed are put in the same bag. For example if you order 500 beefsteak tomato seeds x 3 then 1500 seeds will be put in the same bag. We do not send out 3 individual bags with 500 in each. This goes for all seeds unless they are listings of different seeds.


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