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Mild flavored winter radish with fast growing leaves. Enjoy as sprouts to add a pungent and peppery flavor. Roots can grow 2-3" in diameter and up to 20" long.

The flavor is mild compared to other radishes and looks more like a carrot. Daikon has high water content and is very low in calories. It is rich in vitamin C, potassium and folate and a good source of magnesium. The leaves contain beta-carotene, calcium and iron besides vitamin C. The Daikon root has a crisp, mild flavour and is excellent fresh in salads. Roots can be peeled, sliced, grated, diced for soups and stews, boiled whole or dehydrated as strips. Rabbits, goats, cows, hogs will enjoy the roots and chickens relish the tops! Diakons are a hardy staple on our farm! We allow animals to graze entire fields planted as a cover crop.


Radishes are a hardy, cool-season vegetable that can produce many crops each season due to its rapid days to maturity. Radishes can be planted in both the spring and the fall, but growing should be suspended in the warmer months. They are a very easy vegetable to grow.


Plant 4-6 weeks before the average date of last frost, after aged manure or organic fertilizer has been worked into soil.

Direct sow seeds ½ inch to an inch deep and one inch apart in rows 12 inches apart.

Thin to about 2-inch spacings. Crowded plants will not grow well.

Radishes need sun. If they are planted in too much shade—or even where neighboring vegetable plants shade them—they put all their energy into producing larger leaves.

Practice three-year crop rotation.

Plant consecutively every two weeks or so while weather is still cool for a continuous harvest of radishes.

Plan on a fall planting. You can plant radishes later than any other root crop in late summer or early fall and still get a harvest.


Radishes require well-drained soil with consistent moisture. Keep soil evenly moist but not waterlogged.

Thin radishes to about an inch apart when the plants are a week old. You will be amazed at the results.


Radishes will be ready to harvest quite rapidly, as three weeks after planting for some varieties.

Do not leave in the ground long after mature stage, their condition will deteriorate quickly.

Cut the tops off short, wash the radishes and dry them thoroughly. Store in plastic bags in the refrigerator.

Radish greens can be stored separately for up to three days.

All multiple orders of the same seed are put in the same bag. For example if you order 500 beefsteak tomato seeds x 3 then 1500 seeds will be put in the same bag. We do not send out 3 individual bags with 500 in each. This goes for all seeds unless they are listings of different seeds.


If you can’t find germinating and instructions online you can find them on the item page. Our goal is to save money everywhere we can so we can pass those savings on to you.

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