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Indiangrass is a warm-season bunchgrass that is native to central and eastern North America. It can reach up to seven feet tall and is a common species of the Tallgrass Prairie. The beautiful, plume-like seed heads are very ornamental. Excellent for prairie and conservation mixtures. Provides cover and food for wildlife.

INDIAN GRASS is a native of the Tallgrass prairie. The tough, long stalks where used for weaving. Noted for it's ability to comeback and thrive after a fire. Drought tolerant and prefers poor soils. Does not do well in rich soil. If left alone, it will reseed itself and will spread. To control spreading, just cut stalks late summer before seeds drop. Forms large clumps about 2' wide and can get 6' tall. Indian grass turns a rich copper color in fall and stands out against winters grey's and browns. Perfect choice for erosion control, natural landscaping or wild life habitat. Easy to grow from seed and pretty much a carefree plant after seedlings are established, long life span(10yrs+).


Hardiness Zones - 2-10

Sorghastrum nutans.


Spring, soil temp 50F+.

SOW 3 or 4 seeds,1/16"deep per plant. About 24" apart. Keep moist.

Germination 7-21 Days.

Thin to 1(best) seedling. Use scissors to cut out unwanted sprouts.

Height 36-60" x 24" Wide.

Light water after seedlings are established. Doesn't like fertilizer, plant will droop.

Foliage color is silver / blue during summer and turns yellow / bronze in fall. Flowers are golden brown.

All multiple orders of the same seed are put in the same bag. For example if you order 500 beefsteak tomato seeds x 3 then 1500 seeds will be put in the same bag. We do not send out 3 individual bags with 500 in each. This goes for all seeds unless they are listings of different seeds.


If you can’t find germinating and instructions online you can find them on the item page. Our goal is to save money everywhere we can so we can pass those savings on to you.

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