5500 Herbs Seeds Kit Collection - Grow a Medicinal & Culinary Herb Garden

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This listing is for 15 different Herbs. Start your own herb garden and many of these herbs are used for Culinary and cooking. All seeds are fresh as they are every year. All seeds have a germination rate of 85% or better. Each herb seed will come in its own labeled bag so you get 15 individual labeled baggies full of the seeds below. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Roman Chamomile - 1000 Seeds
Gold Yarrow - 500 Seeds
Garden Thyme - 1000 Seeds
Lemon Balm - 250 Seeds
Large Leaf Basil - 250 Seeds
Bouquet Dill - 250 Seeds
Italian Parsley - 250 Seeds
Cilantro/Coriander - 250 Seeds
Sage - 100 Seeds
White Yarrow - 500 Seeds
Italian Oregano - 250 Seeds
Chives - 250 Seeds
Thai Basil - 250 Seeds
Marjoram - 200 Seeds
Anise - 200 Seeds

All Of Our Vegetable Seeds Are Heirloom And Organic Unless Otherwise Stated. Organic seeds will be stated as such in item title and item description. All Seeds We Carry Are Either For The Current Growing Season Or For The Next Growing Season To Come Which Is Why Our Seeds Have Such A High Germination Rate And Will Last For Years If Stored Properly. We Do Not Sell Old Seeds. Our Heirloom Seeds Are All Gathered And Packaged By Hand So No Weed Seeds Or Anything Other Than What You Ordered Will Be In Your Seed Packets. We Do Not Carry Any Gmo Or Altered Seeds.

All Seeds Come In A 2X3 Resealable Plastic Zip Lock Bag, Shipped In A Protective Bubble Mailer.
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